Auto Transformer

Single phase, three phase, reversible Auto transformers are more economical, smaller size, lighter in weight, than isolation transformers.
The basic difference of an Auto transformer and an Isolation transformer is that, in an auto transformer, the input (primary) and the output (secondary) are electrically connected, while in an isolation transformer they are completely separated. Only portion of the electrical energy is changed in an auto transformer, the remainder flowing directly between the primary and secondary. In an isolation transformer, all the energy is transformed. For these reasons an auto transformer is smaller than isolation transformer.
The remarkable reduction in cost, size and weight coupled with the high appar ent efficiency often possible with an auto transformer. The penalty, of course, is the lack of isolation of the supply line from the load, being directly connected to each other through the windings.
In this designs of auto transformers, the advantages are greatest when the ratio of input and output voltage is closest to unity, a fact which makes the auto transformer popular as a device for adjusting small difference between a supply line voltage that require for a load. The listed power refers to continuous load and frequency 50/60 Hz. Full power data always refers to maximum rated voltage.



  • Auto-transformers utilize copper magnetic wires.
  • Core made from high quality electrical silicon steel, to minimize core losses and contribute to maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Class F insulation system for longer and more reliable life.
  • 50/60 Hz operation on transformer as needed.
  • Heavy sheet metal enclosure for better durability in several industrial applications.
  • Large connection compartment for ease of wiring and installations.
  • Heat applied Grey powder coat finish to resist corrosion in industrial environment.

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