Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers are dry type, natural air cooled isolation (separation) transformers where the primary (line) and secondary (load) side windings are electrically and galvanically separated from each other, thus, there is a functional insulation by design.


Transformers can be supplied with tappings both on the primary and the secondary winding sides on request.
Tapping of the primary side serve for the adaptation and use of the transformer for various power supply voltages. An increased demand of winding space frequently requires a change to the next larger size of transformer type. There is however no need for such an increase in size when having an adaptation of power supply of approx. 5%.
A further demand of winding space is not necessary if a second primary voltage results in the first one by halving (eg. 110V-220V).
By means of a series - or parallel connection of two equal winding parts the usability of the transformer for both secondary voltages can be achieved thus retaining full capacity.


Encapsulated Isolation Transformers​


Electrical Grade Silica & Resin Compounds completely enclose the core and coil to seal out all moisture and air. Sheet Metal enclosure for indoor or outdoor service. Encapsulation eliminates corrosion and insulations deterioration and reduces the humming noise of the transformer lifting ears are provided for 3 to 25 KVA Transformers.


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