Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Victor Low Voltage Lighting Transformers provide a safe, long lasting, highly reliable power source, a perfect selection for landscape applications as well as interior use. Victor offers one of the largest selections of low voltage lighting transformers in the industry.
Low voltage lighting is a creation medium with unlimited application possibilities.
Low voltage lighting benefits and features includes:

  • Machine wound copper coils ensure long life and dependable operation.
  • Core made from high quality electrical steel for increased efficiency and lower operation costs.
  • Precision beam control.
  • More light intensity per watts.
  • Safer to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • High returns on end user investments.

Screw lug output terminals for fast low voltage connections regardless of transformer location. Just slip your wires into the lug and tighten - there is no wrapping the wire around screw post.
Victor low voltage lighting transformers are available from 50 VA to 2000 VA as standard. Higher ratings on request. Metal enclosures are available as optional.


Swimming Pool & SPA Transformers

Victor Pool and Spa transformers provide a safe, long lasting, highly reliable power source, a perfect selection for pool and spa applications.

This pool and spa transformer benefit include:

  • Heavy sheet metal enclosure for better durability.
  • Copper leadwire termination used for the primary, secondary and ground for easy flexible connections.
  • Divided primary, secondary wiring compartments to protect against short circuit hazard.
  • 14V and 16V tap as well as 26 volt taps as optional available to help compensate for voltage drop due to long electrical runs.
  • Encapsulated with electrical grade epoxy and silica sand to completely seal the core and coil from moisture and contaminants.
  • Convenient wall mounting design with slotted mounting holes for quick and easy mounting.
  • 180oC insulation system standard with 115oC temperature rise for longer, more reliable life.
  • Adjustable Electronic Control to compensate the voltage drop, as optional



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