Machine Tool Control Transformer

The Victor Machine Tool Control Transformer (MTCT) offers the most advanced and versatile design concepts available in the market today.
They are designed to meet rigid standards for mechanical durability as well as industrial electrical standards. They are designed for all control applications and features integrally installed, durable molded plastic terminations designed to protect against contact with live components. Also provides easy access front opening in terminal makes for fast wire connections with one screw.
All MTCT use copper windings, high permeability silicon steel cores and 180oC Class F insulation. Product meets all applicable international standards. The product is suitable for both 50 and 60 Hz applications and is available in sizes ranging from 5VA to 5000VA. Outstanding voltage regulation makes the MTCT transformer best for very high inrush control circuit applications. These loads consist mainly of high inrush electromagnetic control devices, such as contactors and starters.



  • Constructed with high quality silicon steel laminations to minimize core losses and increase efficiency.
  • Design incorporates precision wound coils for improved regulations.
  • Copper winding in all groups.
  • 5VA through 5000VA size, 50/60Hz..
  • 180oC Class F insulation 115oC temperature rise.
  • Voltage regulation better than international requirements.
  • Attractive finish, name plate, and design features enhance the end products.
  • Smaller, lighter weight design.
  • Also available in optional features like electrostatic shield, flying leads, and steel enclosures.


Typical Application:

  • Control panels
  • Conveyor & Elevator systems
  • Machine tooling equipment
  • Commercial sewing machines
  • Pumping system panels
  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Research & testing devices
  • Communication systems
  • Environmental equipment

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