Power Tool Rated Portable Tranformers

Victor PST and IST transformers are designed to operate at temperatures in accordance with Class F insulation. However, to ensure long life and reliable operation, transformer coils are wound using polyester enamel coated copper conductors which have a temperature rating of 180oC far in excess of the designed maximum winding temperature of 115oC. Coils are varnish impregnated and stove dried. The lamination cores assembly of high quality Silicon steel to minimize core losses.

Victor isolating transformers incorporate an earthed copper foil screen between input and output windings. We believe the fundamental safety of the transformer is improved by its incorporation, and so fit an earthed foil screen and do not rely solely on composite inter-winding insulation materials. Insulated enclosures are generally portable, incorporate a carrying handle .


Safety instructions:
The transformer will get warm in normal use, make sure that the heat will not damage any floor covering that it is standing on. It is not advisable to place the transformer onto carpet, vinyl floor covering, etc., and use at continuous rating for any length of time.
The transformer may be fitted with an over temperature cutout switch, in the event of this operating, let the unit cool down then reset the cutout switch before using again
Check the transformer power rating against the power usage of the tool you are going to use. The transformer can supply portable tools in normal use up to the rating shown on the transformer and consultation with the below table. Care should be taken when using the transformer to supply constant loads, i.e. floodlighting, wallpaper stripper, etc. The transformer can only supply about half of its rated power to a continuous load like this.
Although the earth pin of the output socket must be connected to the centre point of the secondary winding and to the transformer incoming earth.
Power tool transformer have an inherent high inrush current, in event of the fuse blowing on switch, check that the fuse in the input plug is suitably rated and is of the anti-surge type. Suitable Miniature circuit breakers protecting the sockets should be used.
Power input 220V/240 volts, single phase, 50 Hz, Output 110V Centre Tap Earthed 55-0-55V.



  • Isolation Double Wound Transformers.
  • Protected by suitable thermal cutouts or MCBs (optional)
  • Earth shield between primary and secondary windings.
  • In compliance with BS EN 60742.
  • Though weatherproof GRP/Sheet metal Portable enclosure (yellow).
  • 16A industrial output sockets type to BS 4343 2P + 1E with spring flap covers.
  • Input 2.5 meters of 3 core flexible cable with gland.


Note: Although these units are given in a continuous rating they are NOT SUITABLE for use within continuous lighting loads.



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