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All Electricity operated equipment are made for a certain power supply voltage. If it deviates from the designated voltage, the performance of the equipment and the end result is economic loss. The Supply authority does not fulfill its duty to the best of its ability to provide power at the right voltage. However, increasing and erratic load conditions, long transmission lines, and many other factors make its task difficult and the consumers consequently get voltages far too low to make their connected equipment work erratically or sometimes far too high to burn them out. Of the many ways in which the supply voltage fluctuations can be brought under control at the consumer’s end, the automatic voltage stabilizer is the best.



  • Small in size.
  • Losses are negligible
  • No waveform distortion or phase shift
  • Simple in design and easy to understand
  • No need of consumable spares
  • Speed of correction is fast.


Typical Applications:

  • Air conditioners
  • Machine Tools, Projectors
  • Textile machines, pump sets
  • Computers, CNC Machines
  • X-ray & other mechanical Equipment Printing machines, transmitters Lighting.


SCVS mainly comprise of four reliable components

  1. STEP-Syn- Motor is a low speed (60rpm 50Hz) high torque 240 Volts AC Single Phase drive motor, which has instant start-stop—reverse characteristics and takes very low current (about 1/10th amp) has no commutator or brushes on the rotor: the stalled motor will not burn; noiseless in operation and runs on ball bearings.
  2. Dimmerstat: The continuously Variable voltage Auto Transformer, would on high grade CRGO torodial core, is the source of variable voltage. The brush arm drive motor is described above.
  3. Transformer: The Secondary winding is in series with the LINE Voltage. The primary winding is fed by the output of DIMMERSTAT. The secondary winding voltage adds or subtracts (i.e boosts or bucks) to or from the input voltage to bring about necessary output voltage correction.
  4. Control & Monitor System: All necessary monitors and user controls are provided front panel. The Control circuit which is inside the stabilizer’s senses the voltage deviation from the set level corrects through items 1,2 and 3 above. Interrelation of these four basic components of SCVS type stabilizer is shown in the configuration alongside.

The difficulties cause by variations in supply voltages are now too well known to be elaborated. While on side, these variations have become a common phenomenon in the power supply systems, on the other hand, equipment working on such power supplies are becoming more complicated and sophisticated and are consequently becoming more sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

Servo Voltage stabilizers are being manufactured by Victor Industries and consequently the rich experience gained in this field sis comparatively exclusive to Victor Industries. These stabilizers were initially designed and manufactured for requirements where they have been subjected to rigorous and hazardous working conditions at difficult sites. They have proved their reliability and subsequently over the years they have receive recognition.

These stabilizers are undergoing constant developments and updating technologies. This new developed stabilizer made has got some unique advantageous over the current. Model SCVS. This new model SCVSB the power circuit does not include a separate buck boost transformer but, instead a double wound variac is employed which combines the functions of a normal variac a buck boost transformer. This has resulted in reduction size weight and cost of the stabilizers. However, because of certain manufacturing limitation, presently it has become necessary to restrict the capacity of this type of stabilizers up to 5 KVA only in single phase version. For 3 phase applications either a combines 3 phase unit can be employed for balanced supply voltage and load conditions or three singles phase units connection in 3 phase start configuration can be employed for unbalanced supply voltage and load conditions. The capacity of 3 Phase units is restricted up to 3 x 5 KVA i.e. 15 KVA.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers type SCVS have protected priceless equipment being ruined by too low or too high power supply voltages for their capacity. Their weight is moderate, their reliability for continuous operation without attention is good and their installation and maintenance is with reach of an average electrician.



  • Their Size is small of their load handling capacity
  • They have large short time overload capacity for withstanding starting surge of induction motors.
  • Their losses are negligible, whether at no load or full load
  • They do not introduce waveform distortion or phase shift.
  • They are not affected by load power factor.
  • Their performance is unaffected by supply frequency variation over a wide range.
  • They are simple in design & easy to understand whereby maintenance and servicing is not complicated.
  • They need no consumables spares for maintenance
  • Their speed of correction is fast up to 35V per second per phase


Typical Application:

  • Air conditioners
  • Machine tools
  • Textile machines
  • Projectors
  • Pump sets
  • Ex-rays and other mechanical equipment
  • Computer
  • CNC Machines
  • Printing Machines

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