It is an uncompromising imperative of the company from the first step of the production stage that - Victor uses only first choice quality material certified at international norms and sourced only after a close and constant selection from Germany & U.K It is only by choosing the best Raw material that it is possible to guarantee a durable product from an Electrical point of view, a certainty that we have been offering to all our valued customer for 35 years.

The lamination Cores assembly of high quality silicon Steel to minimize Core losses.

Transformer coils are wound using polyester enamel coated copper conductors to ensure long life and reliable operations.In order to guarantee optimum heat emission and insulation against humidity, coils are Varnish impregnated and oven dried

Insulation Class
The transformers are designed according to insulation Class F which implied a maximum constant temperature of 115 Deg C - 180 Deg C

Ambient Conditions
Specially designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the Gulf Country.




All transformers are passing through our quality on job procedure, pre-test & final type test. Transformers are tested as per BSEN & IEC 60076 standards.
Following routine facilities are available in-house using high class measuring instruments
•    Measurement of voltage ratio test
•    Measurement of no load current
•    Measurement of no load and full load losses
•    Measurement of impedance voltage
•    Measurement of insulation resistance
•    Measurement of high voltage withstand test
•    Measurement of winding temperature by winding resistance method
•    Measurement of Vector group by oscilloscope method
To confirm accuracy of the testing instruments, they are calibrated externally and maintained in good condition by routine internal calibration method. 


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